Women's Pajamas

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Organic silk scrunchies in different colors
Silk scrunchie collection
organic next generation sleepwear
Silk scrunchie collection for day or night
Best organic silk scrunchies from Clementine Sleepwear
The Scrunchie Collection
Extra large oversized scrunchies in organic silk on hands
The Scrunchie Collection
Oversized one scrunchie in hair with additional fabric
The Scrunchie Collection
The Scrunchie Collection
Blush pink oversized scrunchie in organic silk in brunette hair
The Scrunchie Collection
Oversized dusk scrunchie in organic GOTS certified silk
The Scrunchie Collection
Mint scrunchie in brunette hair with organic silk
Organic silk adorns these oversized extra large scrunchies in silk
Organic silk and organic pajamas make organic sleepwear
Full collection of organic oversized hair scrunchies in organic silk
Organic sky blue scrunchie as part of collection
Organic silk dusk oversized scrunchie as part of collection
Organic mint scrunchie oversized in size as part of the collection
Blush pink scrunchie in organic silk oversized as part of collection
Full set and collection of Clementine Sleepwear oversized silk scrunchies
The entire collection of scrunchies come in their own reusable box

The Scrunchie Collection

Regular price$220

Take your scrunchie flex to the next level with our entire scrunchie collection in one set, all extra large in size, and at a special price. All four colors include:

  • Sky Blue
  • Dusk
  • Mint
  • Blush

The Scrunchie Collection from Clementine Sleepwear includes four colors from our collection so that you've got the right single tone or color combo for any situation, day or night, awake or asleep. Designed in LA for day or night, each hair scrunchies is oversized measuring 6-7 inches from side to side and 10 inches when stretched for maximum coverage. They showcase high quality stitching, a loose elasticized rubber inner lining to prevent breakage, and 100% (GOTS certified) organic mulberry silk for that's 22 momme and 6A quality.