Night Routines - Alison Christian

Night Routines - Alison Christian

Welcome to Night Routines, our Clementine Sleepwear series on how we master self care and before bed rituals

The night routine of Alison Christian
Renowned LA Makeup Artist

From: San Diego, California
Lives in: Los Angeles, California
In the day: Makeup Artist
Fun fact: My favorite thing to eat is Cacio e pepe  


1. Tell us about your career

My father was the first one to suggest that I go to makeup school which I had the privilege to do in Los Angeles. As my career evolved, I worked on everything from young fashion brands to music videos, and personal clients too. I've had the privilege of touring and traveling the world for my work! I’m currently freelancing in Los Angeles and traveling globally for exciting projects.


2. How do you own your night? What is your night time routine? 

I’ve been putting rosemary oil in caster oil at night for my hair and then rinsing in the morning to add fullness and more moisture in my hair during the winter months. Before I go to bed, I try to be diligent and use myLED red light mask. Then I follow up with copper peptides which I’ve been seriously loving (matrixyl 6).

3. What are your favorite products to use at night?

I love using my NuFace and Omniluxe led mask at night and of course I love to wrap my hair in a Clementine mulberry silk hair bonnet to retain moisture and hair health. The same goes for my Clementine silk pillowcase for keeping my skin's moisture while I sleep.


4. Do you have any rituals that give the best sleep, skin and hair the next day?

My favorite ritual before bed is reading a book, writing out the next day's checklist, then falling asleep to sleep meditation.

5. What do you want to try next in your night routine?

I’d love to incorporate the moon juice magnesium powder before bed. I hear really good things about it and have been wanting to implement into my evening routine.