Organic Silk Pajama Set
Organic Silk Pajama Set
Organic mulberry silk pjs with free sleep mask#color_clementine-peach-and-dusk
Organic Silk Pajama Set
Next level organic sleepwear#color_clementine-peach-and-dusk
outside in organic peach silk pajamas#color_clementine-peach-and-dusk
Women wearing peach and blue and white organic silk pajamas#color_clementine-peach-and-dusk
brunette wearing organic silk peach pajamas#color_clementine-peach-and-dusk
details shot of model wearing peach silk pajamas#color_clementine-peach-and-dusk
back view cut of pajamas in organic peach silk#color_clementine-peach-and-dusk
Walking up steps in clementine peach pajamas#color_clementine-peach-and-dusk
looking over shoulder pajama set silk in peach#color_clementine-peach-and-dusk
Elle features pajama set Clementine#color_clementine-peach-and-dusk
organic peach silk pajamas on rack#color_clementine-peach-and-dusk
organic silk pajama pants#color_clementine-peach-and-dusk
Lying on bed in peach pajamas in organic silk#color_clementine-peach-and-dusk
organic silk pajama pants stitch detail#color_clementine-peach-and-dusk
luxury silk pajamas in box#color_clementine-peach-and-dusk
silk pajamas lazing by pool#color_clementine-peach-and-dusk
Sitting outside in pajamas on sunny day in organic silk#color_clementine-peach-and-dusk
Sitting outdoors in sun in silk pajamas#color_clementine-peach-and-dusk
Walking up steps outdoors in silk pajamas#color_clementine-peach-and-dusk
Against wall outdoors in blue and peach silk pajamas#color_clementine-peach-and-dusk
Outdoor organic silk pajamas#color_sky-blue-and-white
Organic Silk Pajama Set
Best organic pajamas in USA#color_sky-blue-and-white
Organic gots certified silk pajamas with free sleep mask#color_sky-blue-and-white
organic silk pajamas in different colors being worn by women against backdrop#color_sky-blue-and-white
Blue pajamas looking at camera in morning#color_sky-blue-and-white
looking over shoulder blue pajama cut#color_sky-blue-and-white
back view of blue pajama cut#color_sky-blue-and-white
Walking up stairs in sky blue clementine pajamas#color_sky-blue-and-white
blonde wearing blue pajamas#color_sky-blue-and-white
side view blue pajama cut#color_sky-blue-and-white
PJ feature in Elle Magazine#color_sky-blue-and-white
organic silk blue pajamas#color_sky-blue-and-white
silk blue pajama pants#color_sky-blue-and-white
luxury sleepwear brand box#color_sky-blue-and-white
Sitting down outside in blue pajamas loose fit#color_sky-blue-and-white
looking over shoulder outside in blue silk#color_sky-blue-and-white
Standing outside in organic silk blue pajamas near pool#color_sky-blue-and-white
Getting dressed into silk pajamas#color_sky-blue-and-white
Resting outside in the sun in blue and white organic silk pajama set#color_sky-blue-and-white
Wearing luxury silk pajamas outdoors in sun#color_sky-blue-and-white
Woman in white silk pajamas#color_pearl-white
Organic Silk Pajama Set
Next level sleepwear#color_pearl-white
pearl pajama set top and bottom silk#color_pearl-white
Indoors wearing white pajamas in sunlight#color_pearl-white
Organic white silk pajamas on steps outdoors#color_pearl-white
Blonde in white silk pajama set#color_pearl-white
Organic mulberry silk in pearl white pajamas#color_pearl-white
White Pajamas featured in Elle#color_pearl-white
Organic white pajamas in organic silk being worn by women with other colors#color_pearl-white
Organic silk white pajama set short sleeve#color_pearl-white
side profile organic silk white pajama set#color_pearl-white
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Luxury mulberry silk in pearl white pajama set top and bottom#color_pearl-white
Laying down in organic silk white pajamas#color_pearl-white
Organic Silk Pajama Set
Organic Silk Pajama Set

Organic Silk Pajama Set

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: Enjoy a free organic silk sleep mask valued at $68 with every pajama purchase (automatically adds to cart).

Designed in Los Angeles. 100% organic mulberry silk sleepwear that's unmatched in quality. Featuring the highest quality (GOTS certified) organic mulberry silk in the world (22 momme and 6A quality), mother of pearl buttons, and non toxic (Oeko-tex 100 certified) dyes. Compared with chemically treated silk and lower quality blends, you can feel the difference in luster, smoothness, and skin feel when wearing Clementine all night.

Packaged in Clementine Sleepwear's reusable box to keep fresher and last longer, each box includes a built in drawer and looks stunning on any nightstand.

100% certified organic 6A quality silk pajama set (buttoned top and pant) with organic silk piping and breast pocket. Our one-of-a-kind Clementine waist is elasticized at the back for comfort, and beautifully simple on the front for an elegant and luxurious look.

Comfort fit for smoother organic nights, all our pajama sets are free of additives and chemicals for true beauty sleeps that are organic till dawn. We've designed a softer, more breathable organic silk pajama that retains its shine and offers less friction for the skin and hair.

Hypoallergenic and non toxic, our trademark short pajama set is your gateway to better skin health and a lower toxic load at night. Enjoy organic luxury for your body and perfect for any season because organic silk warms in winter and cools in summer, with dust resistant microbial properties. Free of additives and chemical washes, the result is a softer, more breathable silk that retains its shine and guards against skin damage.
100% GOTS certified organic silk pajama top and pant
100% GOTS certified organic silk piping
100% natural pearl buttons
Elastic strap on waist
OEKO tex certified non toxic dyes and coloring
Don’t get extra with it. Hand wash in cold water or machine wash on the most delicate setting in a ‘silk-only’ load.

If hand washing, use a mild detergent. Gently massage the fabric for one minute (mini workout for the win) to activate dirt removal and then leave to soak for the next four minutes. Rinse in fresh cold water.

Never wring silk out. Instead, gently squeeze or blot the excess moisture away with your hands or a white towel. Lay flat or hang in the shade until dry, away from the sun. Ironing is optional – but fam, keep it on the lowest setting (often titled ‘silk’, for the rookies).

A cool and dry place is always best for storage. Neatly fold and store in your Clementine Sleepwear box. We’ve made them for keeps and it’s fun to enjoy the unboxing experience nightly. And trust us - your silk does not like hot surfaces or open flames.
We ship from the USA and orders over $100 enjoy free shipping in mainland USA. We also ship internationally. For precise rates, fill your address in at checkout and the shipping calculator will do the rest. Review our return policy
Casey is 5'9" and wearing size XS.
Lana is 5'8" and wearing size XS.

Pajama sizing comes down to personal preference. We've designed our sets with that in mind, so they'll look great whether you wear them snug or as a looser fit. It's your sleep, your way, so you do you.

We have a size guide above which will help you and as a general rule, expect true-to-size to be more fitted to your figure. If you're looking for a looser comfort fit, try sizing up by 1 or even 2 sizes.

You'll look amazing whichever way you go.