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Organic Silk Sleep Mask

Regular price$68

Designed in Los Angeles. 100% organic mulberry silk sleep mask with organic silk inner filler and lockaway stitching that won't fall apart. Contoured perfectly for your face regardless of sleep position and with 20% extra coverage than a standard sleep mask for maximum blockout, our extra large sleep masks boast 100% (GOTS certified) organic mulberry silk which is 22 momme and 6A quality. When comparing our sleep masks to silk blends, standard silk, and chemically treated silk, you can feel the difference in luster, smoothness, and skin feel. 

Packaged in Clementine Sleepwear's reusable box which includes a built in drawer, your Clementine piece will keep fresher and last longer, looking stunning on any nightstand.

Made from 100% certified organic 6A silk and organic silk fibers (for the padding), each sleep mask has an elastic strap at the back to fit most head sizes. Oversized and designed to contour the face for maximum blockout, all our organic silk sleep masks are free of additives and chemicals. We've designed a softer, more breathable organic silk sleep mask that retains its shine and offer less friction for the skin and hair.

Hypoallergenic and non toxic for better skin and hair health,Clementine Sleepwear sleep masks are organic luxury for your face. Free of additives and chemical washes, the result is a softer, more breathable silk that retains its shine and guards against skin damage.
100% GOTS certified organic silk sleep mask
100% GOTS certified organic silk filler fiber
Elastic strap
OEKO tex certified non toxic dyes and coloring
Don’t get extra with it. Hand wash in cold water or machine wash on the most delicate setting in a ‘silk-only’ load. Because our sleep masks use silk fiber padding, we recommend spot cleaning them over immersion in water if you can.

If hand washing, use a mild detergent. Gently massage the fabric for one minute (mini workout for the win) to activate dirt removal and then leave to soak for the next four minutes. Rinse in fresh cold water.

Never wring silk out. Instead, gently squeeze or blot the excess moisture away with your hands or a white towel. Lay flat or hang in the shade until dry, away from the sun. Ironing is optional – but fam, keep it on the lowest setting (often titled ‘silk’, for the rookies).

A cool and dry place is always best for storage. Neatly fold and store in your Clementine Sleepwear box. We’ve made them for keeps and it’s fun to enjoy the unboxing experience nightly. And trust us - your silk does not like hot surfaces or open flames.
We ship from the USA. Orders over $100 enjoy free shipping in mainland USA. We also ship internationally. For precise rates, fill your address in at checkout and the shipping calculator will do the rest. Review our return policy
Our sleep masks have been sized up to maximize blockout and ensure complete comfort. Larger than most other sleep mask brands, Clementine sleep masks contour the face comfortably and allow for sleeping on any side. The elastic strap at the back allows for flexibility to fit most head sizes. For hygiene reasons, we cannot accept returns on items that have been removed from their box.