Night Routines - Ava Mitchell

Night Routines - Ava Mitchell

Welcome to Night Routines, our Clementine Sleepwear series on how we master self care and before bed rituals

The night routine of Ava Mitchell
World renowned dancer and choregrapher 

From: Claremont, California
Lives in: Los Angeles, California
In the day:Choreographer, dancer, dance instructor



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1. Tell us about your career

I started dancing professionally at 16 years old. Debbie Allen discovered me at an open call audition and hired me to work for and with her. I began teaching kids dance at her dance school and worked alongside her in television and film.

I’ve traveled the world dancing with artists like Justin Timberlake, Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears to name a few. I’ve also performed at awards shows like the Oscars, Billboards Awards and MTV Awards. Etc. I serve on the board of two committees that focus on the betterment of the dance community - Dancers Alliance and Sag-Aftra Local Board.

Currently I am choreographing tv, film and commercials. Most recent movie project; I was Associate Choreographer of the Apple TV film “Spirited” with Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds. Other TV shows include; A Black Lady sketch Show, History of the World ll, The Late Late Show with James Corden. I also travel the country teaching kids hip hop dance every weekend for half the year. (It's) something I really enjoy doing; giving back to the next generations.

2. How do you own your night? What is your night time routine?

I am a mother of a four year old girl and a wife, so my nights are often not my own until after dinner time and bedtime. It is then I decide to have my Me time. While the nature of my lifestyle isn’t consistent, my nights sometimes look like: Cleaning the kitchen and doing the dishes while watching my favorite show on my laptop. Having a glass of sparkling rose (or two). Then I like to clean my face usually with micellar water, shower and get ready for bed. I will then most times quickly journal, stretch and read a book. Getting some neglected chores and tasks done will also happen during my night time routine.

3. What are your favorite products to use at night?

I shower with Olay bath bar. I know it's so basic, but I love it. I use Lubriderm Lotion on my body. Additionally I use Bush Balm exfoliant once a week with exfoliating mitts. I moisturize my face with a shea butter & saffron based oil by Dayme and a plumping serum by Biossance, which I'm not sure is doing anything but, hey. I usually wear an oversized t shirt or something basic to sleep and I will wear a silk scarf or bonnet on my head at night or nothing on my head at all.

4. Do you have any rituals that give the best sleep, skin and hair the next day?

My best sleep is usually when I read. That’s sure to put me to sleep...and sex. A hot epsom salt bath with Dr, Teal’s Epsom salt will do wonders to relax the body and sleep sounds on apple music.

5. What do you want to try next in your nighttime routine?

Consistency. I would love to make good habits. While I have mentioned a lot of things in my night time routine, I don’t do them all consistently. I could benefit from making small habits that will have a great impact in the long run.




Photos and videos courtesy of Ava Mitchell