Night Routines - Lauren Paez Burt

Night Routines - Lauren Paez Burt

Welcome to Night Routines, our Clementine Sleepwear series on how we master self care and before bed rituals

The night routine of Lauren Paez Burt (Lolo)
Hair & Makeup Artist to the stars!

From: Los Angeles, California
Lives in: Joshua Tree, California
In the day: Hair & Makeup Artist
Currently: Just finished renovating a home in the high desert for rent @lolos_casita




1. Tell us about your career

I started in a hair salon and found out I was allergic to color, so I had to make a shift in my field. A friend of mine was a model and said they needed someone for hair last min for a shoot, so I took the opportunity and ran with it. At the time, I was only doing hair and fell into doing makeup, which I now prefer. My style is very natural and clean skin beauty. I love to highlight natural beauty. I don't try to do anything that's not me. There are so many artists with different skills.



2. How do you own your night? What is your night time routine? 

First I start with my Calm magnesium, maybe make myself some hot tea. Then I wash my face ans use a mix of moisturizers and serums. The desert is so dry that I sleep with a humidifier. And I'm always in bed by 9pm or earlier.


3. What are your favorite products to use at night?

I have to sleep on cotton sheets. I am super picky about bedding. I want to be cool at night, even in the winter. I have to say I love the Clementine silk pillowcase. If I sleep without braiding my hair, I know it won't be so tangled the next day.


4. Do you have any rituals that give the best sleep, skin and hair the next day?

DRINK LOTS OF WATER! And use a humidifier.



5. What do you want to try next in your night routine?

Using a sleep mask. My husband sleeps with one every night. He's obsessed with the Clementine silk sleep mask. I’m serious, he's OBSESSED! Lol